AIG,so what??...ES is up +10 NOW!!! 10:21PM EST Tues.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. AIG,so what??...ES is up +10 NOW!!! 10:21PM EST Tues...stop hyping the "doom and gloom"...the ES is UP!!!
  2. Yeah, key word is NOW. Plus 10 pts on the ES is nothing, we had several 10+ ES 5 min bars today. 10 pts is no big deal, stop cheerleading :)

  3. Plunge Protection Team is buying December futures contracts. :confused:

    It's not normal to see December trade far more contracts than the current month contract.
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    Quit pissing and moaning! Just trade what the market gives you!
  5. looking seriously at ES options tomorrow..those that expire this friday...I stated a thread on that...please look for it!!
  6. Shut the hell up you stupid idiot! How long have you been trading boy? A week? Do you think we are having fun being petrified to death?

    When AIG goes down, and it will, it will be the greatest global financial disaster you stupid fuck. It will rock all of the global's financial system bringing all of the global's financial institutions who are inter connected with AIG down to their knees.

    And you are comforted with the fact that ES went up 10 points?

    What a moron.
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    You have some long delta's huh?
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    increase now is another poser paper trader....spx was up +20 or something like that when the bailout was anounced...anyway who cares?if you aint long or short now youve missed the gap tomorrow.

    increasenow has never traded a stock in his life...
  9. and since you posted we have given up nearly all of it, nice call Increasenow!! :p

  10. ES is only up 1 point right now 11.13
    What just happened
    Any bad news which came out or what
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