AIG seeks ANOTHER bailout - $10 billion more

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  1. The automakers may be on to something here. Free $$$.
  2. Link?
  3. Their execs are probably so stressed, they must need another nice vacation
  4. everyone should trade very carefully

    because part of your winning trades will be paying off AIG's losing ones

    along with their salaries and bonuses
  5. Illum


    Class warfare. Aig will get anything they want.

    Who is more to blame? Gambling away our economy, writing insurance of leveraged money that doesn't even exist, or...

    Some guy working for 30 an hour and getting his family covered for health and job loss?

    Aig, Bear, Lehman, GS, JPM are much bigger failures than Detroit can ever hope to be.

    I don't know why so many people get so angry at the blue collar guy who organized to try and have a life that wall streeters laugh at. This feeling is prevalent though, so maybe everyone else is right.

    The hypocrisy, arguing Detroit is a failure and Detroit salaries are way too much, is insane.
  6. Hedge. Short AIG/Short USA
  7. Indeed.

    The government guarantees 300 billion $ of Citibank turds but want some real change from the automakers in order for them to receive 15 billion $?


    It's like they want a civil war to happen.
  8. the automakers do not produce a product as well as they should

    the cocksuckers at aig produce NOTHING!!!!

    they exist for 'risk management'

    but all they do is take risks, and manage to transfer their losing trades to the taxpayer
  9. the money is free. Bailout everyone
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