AIG Seeks $40 Billion Fed Bridge Loan, Times Says

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  1. "sorry, made a wrong bet, gimmee 40 billion"

    WTF do we need these slime for?

    why not just give the money to the public, if we're going to run the printing presses?

    why give it to a slimeball with a mansion and mercedes?

    AIG Seeks $40 Billion Fed Bridge Loan, Times Says (Update1)

    By Hugh Son

    Sept. 14 (Bloomberg) -- American International Group Inc., the insurer struggling to avoid credit downgrades, is seeking a $40 billion bridge loan from the Federal Reserve as it tries to sell assets, the New York Times reported.

    The insurer has turned down a private-equity investment because it would have meant handing over control of the company, the Wall Street Journal said on its Web site, citing unnamed people. AIG may get access to the Fed's borrowing window in an ``extreme liquidity scare,'' Citigroup Inc. analyst Joshua Shanker said in a Sept. 12 research note.
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