AIG may declare chapter 11 bankrupcy before Monday's open

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  1. AIG should be allowed to fail.

    When management is out playing golf in foreign countries and living in $1700 ( of taxpayer $ ) a day suites;

    the management of AIG need to be put out onto the streets.

    The entire current generation of wall street need to be on the street before the culture of greed can be overcome.
  2. Greed, arrogance, thievery AND stupidity.

  3. I'm long AIG, and they're full of shit.
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  5. Agree.
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  7. I disagree. So AIG executives are working threw the weekend negotiating another emergency loan from the Fed. If the Fed says no, AIG will go along its business and live happily ever after. No!

    AIG is again on the brink of bankruptcy, Hence the need for another emergency loan before it reports earnings on Monday.{92C4EF08-68EA-4E4B-908E-36DDE1BD2E55}
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