AIG Exec Frank Wisner sent to Egypt to represent U.S.

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  1. His specialty is keeping U.S.-backed dictators afloat.

    So much for letting the Egyptian people decide their leadership.
  2. Frank Wisner also worked at Enron.

    This guy has to be the biggest greaseball on 2 legs.

    What to do? Send him to Egypt to represent the U.S.

    The poor Egyptian people are about to be stabbed in the back.
  3. Wisner briefs Obama: - "the vast majority of Egyptians want to live in a peaceful, free world. And we will find these people and we will bring them to justice."
  4. Yep.

    Wisner helped keep *Karzai* in power. So we already know what angle he's gonna take.

    With Wisner there, don't be surprised if Mubarak stays in power for an "orderly transition".

    The U.S. plan will be to stall for time, til Egypt firms up their defenses again, and you won't be able to get Mubarak, or his son, out of power.

    My condolences go to the people on the streets of Cairo, who don't know that they are about to be sold a picture of prosperity, to be enacted some time in the magical future.
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  6. 2 mins ago, it was announced Mubarak would speak to his people tonight.
  7. Rumor: Mubarak will say he will not run for Pres. again.

    Lame! Playing for time!
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    Says he will meet demands of protesters. But, will he try to install his son or Soliman as President?

    It probably isn't going to fly. They will want him out now.
  9. Reporting on Obama -

    Obama says there will be "many difficult days ahead ... but I am confident that the people of Egypt will find those answers." And he refers to "the promise of a new day."

    So the "ol' switcheroo" is proceeding according to plan laid out above - pacify people with promises of a better future.
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