AIG Draws Fire for Executives' $440,000 Post-Bailout Retreat at Posh California Resor

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  1. You gotta respect Waxman, getting elected looking like that.

    First time I saw him, I thought it was a disguise.
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  2. I don't see what the big deal is

    They just pulled off one of the biggest heists of all time in all of human history, did anyone not expect them to gloat and celebrate?

    I worked as a consultant in a variety of industries - of all the clients i ever had, nobody matched the insurance executives. To them, cheating was more than just getting more than they bargained for, or had a right to, it was about beating the person they cheated. They wouldnt just screw you and walk away with what they gained, they'd rub your nose hard in it once they'd gotten away with it - as though that was more important to them than what they screwed you out of. An unusually mean spirited culture

    NOTHING about this surprises me - they're giving the public they screwed 'the finger', and from my experience with insurance exectutive SCUM, I actually think they're enjoying the anger of the public more than they enjoyed the resort - it makes them feel big
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  3. that place is posh, even moreso than the ritz across the street
    they knew what was up and did this anyways

    what a bunch of jaggoffs
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  4. donnap


    This has been going on a long time now. It has always been a rip off to shareholders.

    Now it's the entire country they're ripping off.

    These guys have no soul.
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