AIG downgraded

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by gwac, Sep 15, 2008.

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    dec es at 1183
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    Treasury needs to give AIG the bridge loan or this company will go under and the mess will be something the fed will no longer be able to control....
  3. The fed needs to jack up rates and cut liquidity so it can go under
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    great and then every other Fin Ist can follow it...

  5. great everyone gets destroyed i dont give a shit, i made all the $$$ and they will all have to give me bbbj
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    I think tomorrow will start off as another ugly day in stocks. Wouldn't be surprised to see the VIX print north of 40.

    - Fed might just slash Fed Funds and D/rate by 1% each.

    - Unless there is a take- over/under of AIG I think Paulson will blink first and extend a fully (and over) collateralized credit line to AIG.

    Just some thoughts as this end game unfolds....
  7. My thoughts exactly on the rate cut. Slashing FED funds wouldn't solve much but would bring some temp relief and it would give them some bang for their buck as the markets aren't expecting one.
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    The interesting thing is that even as the CNBC muppets continue to talk doom and gloom SP futures are ticking up...

    5mins later: never mind. futures coming back down again.