AIG crossed?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Babak, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Babak


    Did anyone else notice that AIG was crossed for a good while this morning at 58.80-58.50ish ? I thought that it couldn't happen in reg mkt hours?

    Can anyone explain this? Thnx
  2. Most likely stale ECN data.
  3. mnx


    was it by chance an NSDQ quote? NSDQ was corssing the market everywhere on NYSE this morning as they were having problems...

  4. some quote providers had "issues" this am. a little voice nags in the back of my head whenever that happens, asking if it isn't a coincidence that this happens on big event days.
  5. A *LOT* of quotes on many stocks were crossed today.

    Yeah, very suspicious alright!
  6. Babak


    I don't know what it was since I haven't seen that sort of thing before but it wasn't just a blip. It was continuous for a good while (minutes).
  7. FNM was crossed 12 cents a few months ago and my buddy made about 10k just arbing it so it does happen from time to time. Best way to tell is to test it out. But yes today there were a lot of ECN issues, at least at my firm.

  8. Babak


    I guess by "arbing it " you mean buying the ask and selling the bid to profit from the cross?
  9. Yeah, sometimes its a blackbox glitch and other times a moron trader enters the order wrong. Either way, its good money!!



    aig was crossed even before the open, with the stuck, unliftable BTRD offers.... I heard all those bad quotes came from NASDAQ -and they were pretty much all unliftable... just check the T/S
    it completely ruined my morning as my keys were pinging off of all that bad level 1 data.
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