AIG Chpt 11 now ???

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  1. American International Group plans to disclose a comprehensive restructuring by early Monday morning that is likely to include the disposal of major assets including its aircraft-leasing business and other holdings. Full story coming shortly.

    wtf is going on here...

    OHH mama!
  2. What does the prince say about this interesting development? Also, a link would be helpful.
  3. The prince alwaleed is holding a bucket puking his guts out atm.. with his citi investment.. His scared .. very scared@!

  4. read the forbes story this co has many options. As opposed to leh.:D
  5. the aig thing kinda makes those dumb commercials they run with the little kid talking look silly, doesn't it?
  6. Breaking news!!!!

    The corner store down my street is in talks with his lawyer manjeep apoo ... to file chapt 11 tommorow am as well!!

    This is a developing story! stay tuned!
  7. dhpar


    this almost look like we could make a bottom here - everybody is shit scared coming into monday....