Aig A Buy At $15

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  1. I think there will be one additional thrust downward where the bottom will be in September/October. I could be wrong, but price is funneling itself into a triangle ala Bank of America back at the start of the year.

    Stocks usually dont bottom until they get to disgusting lows that no one ever thought would get there again.

    I say its a buy at 15 bucks.
  2. We're at 19 now ... are you going to step up to the plate?
  3. I say between 12-15 is the sweet spot...
  4. So quick to run in front of the freight train. $-6.304 per share earnings makes it a bad move to just jump in when they get there.

    Do me a favor and wait till they show a quarter of profitability. I'm sure it'll be well beyond your $15 buy target before that happens.
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    a sell now before u regret it
  6. investment idea of the century, buy when the next leg down is starting for the market :confused:
  7. LOL. Too true, but just for this and other stocks in the sector.

    Buffet has done it plenty of times and gotten away with it.
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    I doubt they are going out of business. Might be a nice opportunity to sell some puts.
  9. AIG i started to buy too early... now a short term trade turned into a long term hold. i think exiting now and entering again after it breaks hte 30 mark is the best play for this stock because talks of this stock going to zero is circulating and when the stock seems like ti cant go any lower is when company scandals hit the press or some accounting fraud etc. stay out let the chart tell u the story?
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    Saying that a stock is a buy at a certain level that it hasnt reached, or more so a level that would confirm its in a viscious downtrend doesnt make sense. I say its a short right now, should been shorted once it retested that 30 dollar resistance... and its gunna be a short at 15. If you wanna go long on an insurer why not AXA? Three rising valleys, good margins, cash flow.... Are you predicting AIG is forming a triangle?:confused:
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