AIG - 20 to 1 reverse split?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Ivanovich, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Great, so short sellers can now come back out and beat the ever loving shit out of this stock again! :)

    Why screw it once when you can screw it twice!

    "Oh, it's so institutional investors can buy into it!" What a load of crap.

    I was holding on to my $3 a share AIG crap in the hopes it might come back, but now? Forget it.
  2. Yeah i about flipped when i saw AIG just now. I have had AIG on my ticker and when i saw 22$ this morning I was like "no way!" Did that pipps announcement really push it up that much and why? Then i saw it was a 20 for 1 reverse split. So it looks like its time to short AIG again down to a buck again.
  3. Pre-market saw it down to 16 and change. It's up from then, but who the hell knows what's going to happen with this dead egg.
  4. aig :p
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  5. They are trying to trap unknowing idiots with the reverse split.
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  7. I just can't beleive what I see. This is not good ... not good atall..

    they are going to attack it again and send it to hell. That just created another opportunity for the short sellers to make more money....
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    Hmm, kinda reminds me of JAVA (SUNW) & JDSU and what good did that do to those stocks:)
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    wooooow I'm so glad I sold it yesterday.
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