AIG $165M outrage a diversion?

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  1. Of all the folks on here I am the probably the least of a conspiracy theorist, but...

    AIG has 116,000 employees, according to Google Finance.

    $165M/116,000 employees = $1400 per employee. That's a pretty pathetic bonus if you ask me (I'm obviously aware that they wouldn't be distributed flatly).

    Is all the media attention the $165M are getting a purposeful tactical diversion from the fact that the fed just sent 600x that (or some ridiculous number) to AIG customers who had (of their own free will) bought shitty products they didn't undersand from a shitty company they didn't understand?

    I'm trying to come up with an analogy... Let's say that on a whim I fly some private Danish construction company to Texas to build me this fantastically expensive but supposedly new and amazing dwelling that's beyond my wildest dreams. Well, it turns out the house is really a leaky piece of shit that I can't re-sell (because it's a leaky piece of shit), and the construction company is now defunct because it's run out of money. I am shocked, becasue it's never occurred to me that I should maybe have investigated the dwelling I'd bought on faith, or the company that built it ("...but they had a good review form some guy on the internet!!") Now all of a sudden the Danish government buys the house back from me (not at leaky pos prices, but at pristine, beyond my wildest dreams prices). So basically it punishes all Danish taxpayers. At the same time the head of the Danish government and all the media start blasting the construction company about how outrageuos and morally affronting it is that the construction company's AP clerk got a 10 dollar bonus, despite the fact that that is the normal course of business to split comp into base and bonus.

    I think there's a propaganda machine at work trying to pull the people/sheeple's attention away from the things that are truly outrageous. <- which is also nothing new and different, but somehow I am particularly struck by it this time...
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    It's not for the entire company. It's for the derivatives traders in the financial products division.
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    Under the circumstances, the judgment of the AIG chairman to pay bonus is in question.
  4. It's obviously not too much of a big deal since the stock is up 81% as of this writing...

  5. The OUTRAGE should be that they didn't just let it go bankrupt in the first place, in which case NONE of the bonuses would have been paid.
  6. This just in.

    The Treasury will use a $30 billion infusion into AIG to force the company to repay all of the bonuses promised to employees of its Financial Products group, a White House official said.
  7. A trick to funnel more cash into AIG so it can be dolled out to the banks. WHAT A FRAUD ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
  8. If you think it's so pathetic, feel free to overpay your taxes so that the government can give even more money to AIG.

    Better yet, pay my taxes, since I want nothing to do with these bailouts.
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    Congressional Salaries cost us about 80 million/year. They voted to give themselves a $2.3 million increase in December 08.

    What no outrage? No anger?

    Why doesn't congress forgo there salaries since this disaster happened on their watch.

    People want it both ways.

    Bailout the bum down street but don't bailout the guy who actually works for a living.

    Government gets all the money no accountability.

    Many companies, like wells fargo were forced to take the tarp. Money how American.

    How about we just stop the bailouts.

    This is a red herring, class warfare as engineered by the communists.

    Divide and conquer. Turn the proletariat against the bourgeoisie.

    Except we are all proletariats.

    While the masses are distracted. The rape and pillaging continues.
  10. Funny, I was thinking about the same thing this morning in regards to AIG.

    Why is the media constantly telling us about these bonuses? I question everything the media puts out these days. You must always ask yourself, "Why does somebody want me to know this?"

    Globalists are trying to destroy capitalism, and they are succeeding. The easiest way to destroy capitalism is to fear monger and create outrage through the media. The middle class and the upper class do not like each other right now.

    The destruction of capitalism will eventually lead to a two class system. Think "Brave New World": Servitude though consent rather than conquest.

    These things take time of course.
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