Aids to Senior Trader Perception

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Duref Mudgins, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. In recent years I have shared with the senior set here the tricks I am using in my charting to permit me to continue to trade as my perceptual and integrative abilities decline with aging. So you punk kids (defined as anyone under 60) just pass on over this old man's set-aside grave plot with no spitting or pissing.

    Not having any better sense, I trade confluences of support and resistance from multiple time frames (days to seconds). The screen to represent this fuly is quite cluttered as you might expect. If I were younger and less lazy and brighter, I might be able to roll my head and eyeballs around progressively to pull all the S/R status up and synthesize a gestalt.

    But screw that, I just want to lean back in my easy chair, glass of Gloria in hand, and make the screen shove all that information into my old brain at once with no effort. Attached is the latest iteration of this approach, a one-second chart with annotations from all the other timeframes I watch. Scales removed so as neither to give anything away nor to lead the weak-minded astray.

    For those of you who recall my work teaching monkeys and retarded humans (encompassing the lower nine deciles of ET) to trade, I still use stoplights and audibles as attention aids. As I slide back down into ET perceptual numbness, I find them increasingly useful. Sometimes the audibles even wake me up. More often they remind me that trading is slightly more important that surfing porn of decades-long-deceased nude models.
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