Aid Refused To Seals During Benghazi Attack

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    A TV report is saying that military aid was requested during the attack and it was repeatedly refused. Troops were prepared to go but told to stand down on at least two occasions during the attack. The two Navy SEALS had painted the location of the mortar attack with a laser and were waiting for any air support which never came. The SEALS were killed by a mortar shell over 6 hours after the attack began.

    The Pentagon is saying too little was known to send support even though two drones were relaying live video feeds.
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    Tee totally blows me away!!!! I did two hitches in Iraq in the Marine Corps. The best sounds I've ever heard (then), were choppers coming to drop more ammo, pick up my wounded Brothers, and jets blowing the shit out of the sand niggers.

    I'm almost speechless after this, as I know how it feels to be under mortar attack, and awaiting help...:( Seconds seem like decades.

    God bless those SEALS. They suffered...
  3. they are lying.
    Every single one of those pussies needs to be canned without pension benefits at the minimum.

    If not prosecution under UCMJ.

    Whoever gave the order needs to see prison time, (obama is that you?).
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    Some shitbags in Washington need to go to jail over this one!:mad:
  5. Could it be the obama admin was too scared to send in an airstrike because these militants might have the surface to air missiles we gave them?
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    Obama wins the election, gets impeached, say hello to President Biden.

    Happy Halloween!
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    That's a good point. We'll probably never know if they had SAMS, though.
  8. That will be obama's most convincing defense, unless of course we snare his ass committing perjury over it during Congressional testimony.
  9. I think it will proven we did give them shoulder fired SAM's
  10. You think 2/3rds of the Senate will vote to kick Obama out of office ?
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