AI as instrument for trading

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  1. dorton


    Hello, everyone! I'm co-founder of a startup, where we are looking for a solution to boost traiding with help of Artificial Intelligence.

    That is not so simple to understand how this industry works and how we can fit into this mechanism. Members of this community know it better, than whoever.

    If you're a trader who works on US market, could you please have a skype call with me, so I could talk to understand how we can help you?
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  2. gaussian


    How do you propose the ability to generate some "AI" to help traders while not being a trader yourself? There's very little, I think, most traders would be willing to reveal to you w.r.t. their methods in order to allow you to build a product.

    It would be like an MBA trying to build engineering software. What a mess that would be.

    Here's a free suggestion: scrape together $10k and go trade. Build a product based on what you learn.
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  3. MrMuppet


    Hi dorton, I try to be nice before the trolls chime in and throw BS at you:

    When it comes to complexity the markets come in fourth right after the cosmos, the human brain and the human immune system.
    You don't know this but to think that somebody can explain to you "what traders need" in a skype call is kinda silly, because there isn't THE trader.

    There are a gazillion ways to skin the cat and some even use AI.

    IMO your best bet is to have a look around what existing AI services are offering...but to be very honest with you guys: Without a background in trading, your chances of breaking into this market is basically zero.
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    Looks like you have a tool in search of a problem. It rarely works out like that.
  5. Calling yourself a "co-founder" makes it sound like you already have some kind of operation or funding set up. Hopefully this is not the case because I predict this will not end well.
  6. This is precise example @Baron in my opinion why new members get discouraged
    Just saying
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    If the new members get discouraged easily, I suggest they find an interest other than trading such as photography or cooking.
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    The thread starter @dorton has been banned for soliciting users without being an authorized and approved vendor.
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  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    He's a solicitor with one post and zero credibility, and therefore I have zero sympathy.
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  10. Oh iam not sympathizing at all, i was just saying, i personally enjoy this site and if success means it growing wanted to point that out but it might be something i dont know

    any ways
    The For The reply :)
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