Ahoy, any boaters out there?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by CaptainObvious, May 29, 2012.

  1. I got the boating bug in me again. Going to take a look this weekend at a 89 Sea Ray Sundancer 268, currently docked at Montrose Harbor.
    What would you be looking for, or have done differently with your first boat? My intent is for pleasure crusing only. Will keep in a slip, no towing. Will be a Lake Michigan boat only. Any tips from experienced boaters would be appreciated.
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    I was always partial to submarines myself.
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    Biggest mistake I made on my first boat was not to do a lot more smuggling. Hours on the engine are everything. Diesels are far superior if you can find it. If the boat was always in fresh water, colder clime ,wear and tear will be much less than Fla. or Ca. Make sure bottom paint was kept up, make them take it out of the water and have it surveyed, hull, hoses, thru hulls, shaft, props etc.

    Also you should be getting a full compliment of coast guard approved safety equipment.
  4. I will apologize in advance. Flying, motorcycles, cars. Boats suck and most boring. My 2 cents, and yes I do appreciate that others will disagree. Just saying what for me is ALOT more fun.
  5. Thanks! I may smuggle cigarettes from Indiana to Illinois.:D I have heard that a 1000 hours is a good milestone for a re-build on a gas engine. What's you take on that? I'd rather have diesel, but everything I'm looking at so far is gas.
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    Discover the make and model of the engine, go on the net and find the hrs. to rebuild. Other sea ray owners will have the experience. There are huge groups of boat owners that help each other with info and experience, You can learn a lot about any boat before you buy.