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  1. Damn!
  2. :D

    Senior Economic and Financial Advisor for the TERMINATOR CAMPAIGN!!!
  3. Someone come help me up off the floor !!!
  4. Atlantic


  5. Milton Friedman and Arthur Laffer, among others of their ilk, also appear to be involved.
  6. riggz


    ilk is the right word for those guys.
  7. Smart move by Arnold. Buffett confers instant credibility. It should work out fine for Arnold as long as he totally ignores Buffett's advice. Buffett is straight out of the George Soros "I've got mine so let's pull up the ladder" school of economics.
  8. Buffett must be bored. It's the dog days of summer and the market has gone to sleep.


  9. For weeks, I've been with the rest of the planet in laughing my ass off at the goings on in California. Now I'm starting to look at this whole affair differently - more like a revolution or coup d'etat slowly unfolding on American soil. Big economy at stake there.