Ahmadinejad Met With Farrakhan and New Black Panthers

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  1. Here's how it started
    Just an example of how another brother can trample
    Ruin your life, sleep with your wife
    Watch your behind
    There was a friend of mine named Jay
    Would come over late at night and say hey
    I watched the fight. I thought is was alright.
    'Cause me and Jay were really really tight
    So damned close we had the same blood type.
    Months went by and my wife got big
    We were havin' a child and I got another gig
    So I let Jay move into the crib and chill
    He had his own room and helped pay the bills
    The time had come (for the baby down to the scene)
    It looked like Jay and I couldn't believe
    Before my eyes in the delivery room.

    The things that make you go hmm
    Things that make you go hmm

    September 26, 2010, 3:16 PM
    My FOX Houston reported:
  2. From the movie "Top Secret:"

    "You leave me no alternative but to introduce two of my associates.
    Bruno is almost blind. He has to operate wholly by touch.
    Klaus is a moron, who knows only what he reads in "The New York Post".