Ahmadinejad: Girls Should Be Married age 16-18, Boys: 18-21

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jammy, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Of course, in the ultra-materialistic West, such sound advice will be laughed at, ridiculed and made a foolish mockery of..... why, teens must be kept in a near-permanent state of childish adolescence --- and delay indefinitely, if not forever, real world responsibilities , work and commitments.

    The West is brainwashed by liberals to destroy family values, spread faggotry and fight wars overseas for "Human Rights" and Jewish interests while Islamic countries rarely race mix, keep their stock pure, and keep their cultural identity alive in their own countries.

  2. No posts from you for over 7 years and then today 5 posts. You just get out of an iranian prison?
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    I was messing around with an old PC when I found my login info. I've been wanting to post here for a long time, but for some reason my registered account did not get moderated so I abstained.
  4. Whats the matter with them, didn't they see Chronicles of Narnia?
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    What male has got any business getting married at 19? Sounds like prison to me.
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    It's all about the post count! :)
  7. You could've just clicked the "forgot username/password" button. :p