Ahmadinejad gets Applause in USA, another thing your Major Media will never show you

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Emilia, May 4, 2010.

  1. Emilia


    Ahmadinejad started talking how US threatened to use tactical nukes in attack on Iran and mentioned how that happens to be very immoral and wrong.

    France UK and USA delegates walked out. But other nations applauded Ahmadinejad.

    Where is CNN and BBC to report that.

    Just like they didn't report that Chinese students laughed at Tim Geithner when he said dollar is safe about 6 months ago when Timmy was in China.

  2. BSAM


    First of all, why is this crap in the Educational Resources forum?

    Anyways, don't be so antsy. CNN and the BBC will definitely give you complete coverage when we finally blow their asses off the earth. Stay tuned. May not be that long, hopefully.
  3. Emilia


    oh don't worry I know Israeli Lobby and USA will attack Iran.

    But you are gonna be in for a surprise when they fight back and destroy your way of life.

    You keep clubbing people until someone somewhere clubs you back. Entire nature works this way as a matter of fact.
  4. Ya, but the clubbing changes when the other team's club will pulverize, vaporize, and/or flatten your entire fucking country before you have any remote clue of what is happening.

    That is, assuming the US politicians will actually allow the military to use their full capabilities, unlike Iraq where it had to be done in a politically correct way.


    11 Aircraft Carries, compared to 0.
    18,169 Aerial-Based Weapons, compared to 84.
    4,593 helicopters, compared to 84.

    29,920 land based weapons compared to 5,449.

    1,559 navy ships, compared to 65.
    75 submarines, compared to 3.
    50 destroyers, compared to 0.
    92 frigates, compared to 3.

    Labor force of 153,100,000 compared to 28,700,000.
    PPP 18x greater.

    Factored in with the unmatched military technology available to the US military.

    Assuming all-out war, none of this Iraq / Afghanistan bullshit....it actually would be over quickly.
  5. rcj


    Emilia ... what do you love most.
  6. Kubinec


    It seems the whole purpose of Emilia's existence on ET is to bash Jews and praise Iran/Ahmadinejad.

    I replied to your other thread where you stated that *Jews did 9/11*.

    Looks like you had no answer and decided to post another thread. :)

    Don't worry, Aryan.

    Israel will dismantle former Jew-turned-Muslim Ahmadinejad and the schizoid ragheads backing him very professionally, and the Persians will have freedom at last, just as they did during the Shah's reign.

    You, as a Persian, should know that the Arabs fucking hate you with a big H. Your Shiite ideology combined with your current dominant role in the Gulf region give Arabs the shivers. Saudis already gave Israel a green light to fly over its ground and launch air-strikes on Iran's nuclear sites.

    It's just a matter of when.
  7. joe4422


    Where was the clapping, any links?
  8. Emilia


    wow lets step back a moment

    so Why are we going to attack Iran exactly. Because they are building their own nuclear infrastructure.

    Is that the reason. Is that reason good enough.

    Am I reading your post correctly. You want to attack and make war with a nation because that nation is becoming technologically more advanced.

    LOL its like you are some Bad Motherfu**ing Aliens from space making sure people stay poor and stupid.

    That makes you Evil

    Make no mistake you are Evil, Predatory, Sick person. A psychopath
  9. Emilia


    You never explained this below you only posted Mossad/CIA propaganda

    Explain this one

    The New York Times reported Thursday that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards. They turned out to be Mossad Agents, They were released later no questions asked.



    Here if proof and witness account (lady that called the cops)


    You would love to sell us ATTACK IRAN propaganda. You would love to see more death pain and misery. Because that is what you represent.

    Death and Predation
  10. dalengo


    Impressive... unmatched technology... wow... Interestingly, Iranians are very smart people and have no intention of harming US - just find some of them to talk to. On the other hand, Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 yet got killed, and his country, a craddle of modern civilization, was destroyed by little green supermen aliens from overseas. Just because they knew they can do that. As always, the rulers of this land picked up an adversary that cannot respond in kind.
    May be you'll try North Korea one more time? They do have nukes and invited you to come to see if they work.

    As mentioned above, Iranians are smart. It is also worth mentioning that they border Iraq, currently hosting the bulk of american liberators. In case Iaraeli/US were to start showering Iran with candy bars and peace pipes, Iranians may as well throw some goodies to Iraq to liberate them from liberators. This may have stopped Uncle Sam from starting the third criminal war in the Middle East. For now that is...
    In the meantime, play your video wargames - this is what pentagon/cia does well.
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