ahmadinejad freeing the brits

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  1. That's an A-10 Warthog.

    Had the brtis called the Americans for that for some CAS they prolly wouldn't have been eating goat and hummus and looking like captured little children for the last 3weeks.

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  2. Hell, they didn't need any close air support. All they needed to do was put up a fight before they were captured. Sissy's! But your point is well taken.

    I should take back the sissy comment. I met some British Marines back in the day. They were tough as nails. Hate to see such an elite bunch get pussified. Sign of the times I guess.
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  3. i have to admit, it was a pretty pathetic display, wasn't it.

    still cant believe they confessed and even apologized when they met ahma, of course after thanking him very much, lol.
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  4. Grant


    The expertise of the military strategists and tacticians is apparent here.

    Perhaps you could suggest how the US would have dealt successfully with the situation, and give examples of past (or present) successes to support your ideas.

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  5. Lol.:D
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  7. Successful? What happened today was the opposite of success. Iran did not have any intention to kill or keep those 15 sailors, in the grand scheme of things they simply don't matter, they were used as pawns. Iran's objective was to intimidate and humiliate Great Britain, conduct a PR campaign and possibly extract political and other concessions. They obviously succeeded.

    Getting hostages back is just a small part of the solution, punishing hostage takers and making sure that they won't do it again next time as the price to pay is too high is far more important. Not only the UK has completely failed in this respect, not only did it not show rogue regimes that messing with the queen is hazardous, it was instead publicly humiliated, disgraced and shown to be a paper tiger. It's now clear to the entire world that there is no downside to kidnapping British citizens, there is no political, economic or military price to pay but the rewards may be quite substantial.

    But you're right of course, the US has never handled a similar situation any better.
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  8. <img src=http://adulted3uk.tripod.com/images/up_arrow.gif>

    Triple D gets it. Finally, an American who actually understands the Middle East.

    Iran has been rewarded greatly for pulling this little stunt, so now we can all expect more such PR stunts to come in the near future- and not necessarily by Iran. Dozens of <i>other</i> Middle Eastern nations are now going to want <b><i>their</b></i> little share of glory at the West's expense.
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  9. Well no fucking shit. Of course it was a big fuck fest. My point in this all has been that the brit marines allowed this dog pony show to happen by not putting one between the eyes and a double tap to the heart .

    Of course the Iranians chose their political targets well. Cunning runts.

    As far as the US never handling a situation better....simply means that you aren't familiar with the current MEU(SOC) SEAL rules.

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  10. Yep...me too. And they were. Sad situation

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