Ahmadinejad at Columbia - where's the love for the non-moonbat speakers?

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  1. Columbia and Ahmadinejad: The New Woodward and Bernstein
    By Lisa De Pasquale
    Monday, September 24, 2007

    This week the once-esteemed Columbia University will host another speaker in its on-going “Conversations with Islamo-Fascists" series. I can hear the speaker’s introduction music now:

    You can reach me by caravan,
    Cross the desert like an Arab man
    I don't care how you get here,
    Just get here if you can

    This is the second time that Columbia University has invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak on their campus. His first speech was canceled because of security concerns. No, not security concerns over inviting a terrorist to an American university, but concerns that they couldn’t guarantee the safety of the terrorist.

    Rest assured that Columbia doesn’t discriminate. In fact, they would also welcome European anti-Semitic mass murderers. Columbia Dean John Coatsworth told Fox News, “If Hitler were in the United States and wanted a platform in which to speak he would have plenty of platforms to speak in the United States. If he were willing to engage in debate and discussion to be challenged by Columbia students and faculty, we would certainly invite him.”

    I can just imagine the hard-hitting questions the faculty will ask Ahmadinejad. I can think of at least one challenge that Columbia Professor Nicholas De Genova may have for him. At a 2003 “teach-in,” De Genova said, “I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus.” For the Columbia students that missed that lecture, De Genova was referring to the 1993 incident in which the bodies of American soldiers were dragged through the streets in Somalia.

    De Genova would demand, "President Ahmadinejad, how many Mogadishus would you like to see? Answer the question!" If he says any number less than a million, he’s clearly a tool of Halliburton or Fox News. (I was never that good with following the radical left’s logic.)

    It’s actually more likely that De Genova thinks Ahmadinejad is a hero. At the same teach-in, De Genova also said the “only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military.”

    In response to criticism for giving Ahmadinejad a forum, Columbia President Lee Bollinger said it was part of “Columbia’s long-standing tradition of serving as a major forum for robust debate.” The Ahmadinejad defenders tout the importance of free speech. Their defense is completely laughable because college campuses have become institutions with zero respect for free speech. This is like Sarah Brady touting the Second Amendment when she bought her 22-year-old son a rifle for Christmas.

    The “free speech” defense doesn’t seem to extend to conservative speakers. In December 2001, three student groups at Columbia organized an independently-funded lecture by author Ann Coulter. I worked with the students in helping them schedule the lecture and secure funding. The day of the lecture, administrators changed the location of the room because of threats from liberal campus protestors. Nearly two-thirds of the audience didn’t find the room until after the lecture was finished. As the question and answer session began, protestors booed and shouted to the point where neither the speaker nor the questioner could hear one another. That’s the Left’s idea of a “dialogue.” It’s not enough that they not listen to opposing views, they must deny others the opportunity, too. Perhaps they should rename the department the Hugo Chavez School of Journalism.

    Several weeks after the lecture, the student organizer called me in a panic because Columbia was threatening to withhold his degree because a bill for two security officers assigned to the lecture wasn’t paid. However, several witnesses, including the speaker, noted that there was not a security presence at the lecture. Perhaps campus security couldn’t find the new location either.

    As any organization that sponsors conservative speakers on college campuses know, the security scam is a frequent dirty trick used by liberal administrators in order to intimidate students. As with Columbia, they tell the conservative groups that because our speakers are so “controversial,” the students must pay for additional security. Jason Mattera of Young America’s Foundation wrote about one of the most infamous cases of the security scam, “In 2000, when Charlton Heston was requested, student organizers were told they needed to pay for a bomb-sniffing dog, ten police officers, two full-body metal detectors, two metal detector wands, a paramedic team, and four pints of Mr. Heston’s blood type.”

    Let’s not forget that the reason some conservative speakers need security is to protect them from violent liberals. In response to both Ann Coulter and Dinesh D’Souza being invited to speak on campus by conservative groups, a writer for The Columbia Spectator wrote, “Crackpots like D'Souza and Coulter should be afraid to open their mouths on a campus with such a proud left-wing history.”

    Obviously, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has nothing to be afraid of when he speaks at Columbia. Later that day he’ll participate in a videoconference at the National Press Club. In case there was any doubt, he would be safe there, too.

    It’s obvious that the Columbia University administrators didn’t bother to listen to Coulter’s December 2001 speech, “Terrorism and Its Left-wing Sympathizers.” They should also brush up on the classics and read Dante’s Inferno. Here's a place to start: “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”
  2. DrEvil


    And the proof that he is a terrorist??

    Ohh I forgot, the CIA and Bush told us so it must be true.

    Ahmadinejad knows that the clock is ticking till Dubya invades. He has far too much oil to be left alone.

    I wonder what terrorists act on U.S soil will occur with near perfect timing to give ol' dubya the backing he needs. Will they use an Osama Video that actually looks like Osama this time .. that is the question.
  3. Ahmadinejad is a terrorist. He is on the same team as bush. THe same team elects and funds them. Ditto the neo cons in power in Canada, France, and Australia now. See:


    This visit is a 100% propaganda move by the neo cons. Think of the defense contracts that will be signed!

    LOOK how they are using this issue to divide us! We can see it on this board already. Perfect psy ops technique.

    The CIA has a rich history of crushing democracy and installing brutal leaders like him in iran and elsewhere.

    Guess who funds these eternal wars that we fight? The same elite bankers!

    How about that Cold War? I guess Russia "hated out freedoms" for all those years? LOL. How much military spending on both sides did the cold war produce? How much was it used to terrorise us?

    Same goes for the phony "War on terror".

    please, we must unite. WHY does bush let this guy into the country? Is it an accident? Thank about it. CNN and FOX will spend all day trying to divide us over this issue.
  4. DrEvil


    Ok, why do you think Ahmadinejad will be "in on it" when u.s invade ... when Sadam wasn't?

    I do agree that the "war on terror" is completely phony though.
  5. As long as there is fear there will be no unity.

    I have officially boycotted CNN and FOX newschannels.
  6. "Ahmadinejad knows that the clock is ticking till Dubya invades. He has far too much oil to be left alone."

    Who told you they have oil? Fer chrissakes they wouildn't need nuclear power if they had any oil. We don't build nuclear for energy here in the usa because we have plenty of oil.
  7. DrEvil


    Never heard of forward planning? Oil will run out sooner or later.

    Yes I know the Bush administration has other incentives for the Iran war such as the defense revenues to be made. I still believe that oil is one of the reasons for invading Iran ... it will help to consolidate control over middle east oil.
  8. "Never heard of forward planning? Oil will run out sooner or later."

    When I climbed out from under my desk in the 60's from the nuclear attack drill, in black and white my text book said we would run out of oil by the year 2000.
  9. maxpi


    Universities can't have any information coming in except moonbat stuff because the other stuff does not support their belief system. What is so complicated about that?? If I had a belief system like theirs that was based on all sorts of faulty models and circular reasoning I would not allow anybody to question it either...
  10. Just been lurking a while, seeing how much further we, as a Country, have widened the gap between each side's name-calling from moonbat to klannish. I then happened to see Ann Coulter's name, and a Dante quote about moral crisis, and had to dive in with a good LOL. I could care less who speaks at a University, last I checked we have good schools on both sides of the current political chasm. One extreme might be Pat Robertson's Law School, with a overwhelmingly high percentage of Attorneys in the Justice Department. And, yes, I suppose there's Columbia and Berkeley, both good schools.

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