Ahmadineajd: "Iran now nuclear power"

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  1. I never understood the freedom fries campaign. Why boycott the only guys that were right from A-Z in the matter, the same guys that saved our a** against the British some hundred years ago. Only our country can be so bright.
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  3. it would be interesting to hear what hillary clinton's policy on iran would be. the jewish here are almost all democrats and big campaign contributers to the clintons. yet, she seems to want, as does her base, to pull out of the region.

    personally, i'd like to see the US put pressure on the UN to do something. the US, and the world, give them hundreds of billions and they do very little.

    nm, here are her policies on iran. however, have seen studies suggesting sanctions never work.

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  4. Beware of the crazed ones:
    The Iranian President and others believe that if they create chaos and catastrophe, the 12th Imam will return.

    In a speech on November 16th, Ahmadinejad spoke of his belief in the return of the Twelfth Imam.

    Shi’ite ... dominate Iran and form the majority in Iraq, believe that Allah shielded or hid Muhammad al-Mahdi as the Twelfth Imam until the end of time.

    Shi’ites expect the Twelfth Imam, ... to return to save the world when it had descended into chaos...

    in Iran a group called the Hojjatieh believe that humans can stir up chaos to encourage him to return.

    In other words, they opposed the notion of an Islamic republic because it would hinder the Twelfth Imam’s return on account of it being too just and peaceful.

    Today, in addition to the possibility of Ahmadinejad himself being a member (or a former member), the group has connections to Qom ultraconservative cleric Mesbah Yazdi whom Iranians frequently refer to as the "crazed one" and the "crocodile."

    Four of the twenty-one new cabinet ministers are purportedly Hojjatieh members. Some reports state that cabinet ministers must sign a formal pledge of support for the Twelfth Imam.
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  5. LOL!
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  6. Ranking by sheer numbers does not account for technology. What good is 1 million Iranian soldiers if we can kill them from orbit with the click of a mouse?
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    Both sides having nukes gives hope to the rest of the world. Jews and Arabs are a threat only as long they exist; Jews and Arabs will never stop trying to exterminate the other; now that Iran also has nukes, should either launch, mutual extermination necessarily follows (which explains why both having nukes makes world safer). Either the Chinese or the Japanese should initiate some event to force either to launch. After both races are gone, then international organization like the World Bank could be entrusted with a auction of drilling rights with funds going to the World Bank; thereafter, funds could be lent to the needy to do good. Allowing either Jews or Arabs to get cash or technology is like pouring gasoline on a fire.
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  8. 1967


    Get their ass kicked by Israel, in less than a week.

    This outcome couldn't be forecasted by pure numbers, and even today pure numbers can't explain what happened in that war. Pure numbers aren't always the best way to determine the outcome of a war.
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