Ahhh, isn't the P/R forum much better with fewer extremist trolls??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Period was thankfully banned after his last psychotic trolling rant, but optional has also been absent. We still hear from a wide variety of the politcal spectrum, and maybe things get a bit rough from time to time, but at least issues can now be discussed and thoughtful discourse can ensue, even if everyone doesn't agree...

    Before, when Optional and period were around they'd do their dardest to sidetrack any productive discussion and replace it with either flamewars or wingnut stupidity. We still have gabby, who tries, but is ultimately too old and senile to be a very effective troll. I may think some of the other extremists are f-ing absurd, but at least most of them are actually willilng to discuss issues. THAT makes a good debate forum. Yesterdays banning was a great first step in the right direction.
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    Dont count your chickens before they hatch, one fine morning you will be out looking for milk, and...... BLAMO!!! a race bating idiot like gabfly will accuse you of having only white eggs, this kind of sociopathy only seems to creep up amongst far left lunatics so be on watch, it is still out there.

  3. Period boys banning while beneficial to the site possibly offers a false sense of security overall.

    The nut job is still out there we just don't hear about it , moreover we don't get to point out the stupidity and dangerousness of their ideas to less aware citizens.

    Though one is apt to think people that support the likes of period boy are rare like the 5 leaf clover they could not be more wrong.

    These nut jobs are at the highest level of govt , they are just more discreet in voicing those opinions.

    Don't forget huffpo and daily kos accurately reflect 10's of millions of people who share the same basic idiotology.

    Sane America has been losing for a long time, the first ( and most dramatic) part of recovering from a coma is opening your eyes,

    That's nice but the real work lies ahead if we want America to function once again.
  4. (Submitted for your approval: Extremist trolls, unaware that they are the very extremist trolls they are discussing, talk about extremist trolls among themselves in the third person. The pathos continues. Meanwhile, Baron reads up on Nero and takes an interest in the violin.)
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    Whats that gabby? I could hardly hear you over all the N bombs you were droppings.
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  7. As you have so clearly illustrated, you can only win staged arguments.
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    Actually i kicked the shit out of you on the thread which the mods rightfully chose to delete. I gave up on trying to win based on logic with you, since you are completely devoid of such a concept.

    EDIT: YOU RACIST!!!!!!!
  9. Or sometimes not. He's got Denny Hastert to thank for that. :D

  10. haha never heard that before.

    And tdog you did dodge a bullet, because you got destroyed twice in that (correctly) deleted thread. AND you were trying to rationalize period boys fuckin retardism just because you don't like Lucrum... but I'll leave you alone :D
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