Ahh, The Joys of Marriage

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    A Turkish woman locked her rich industrialist husband naked in the bathroom for three years, claiming he was mentally disturbed, press reports said after the man was released.

    Orhan Babutcu, 41, was found naked and traumatised sitting on the shower tiles next to the toilet, with a bowl on the floor for his food, the reports said.

    The woman, Kevser Babutcu, said it was obvious her husband was mad because he took three showers a day. She said she was going to seek a divorce after 15 years of marriage, Hurriyet daily reported.

    "Her goal was to make me sick so that I'd die and she'd inherit my fortune," Mr Babutcu said.

    His wife, who has two children, had been living it up with other men while he was locked in the bathroom, Milliyet daily quoted him as saying.

    He was finally freed after his mother, alerted by neighbours, called in the police.

    He is receiving psychiatric help.

    His wife is to be charged