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Discussion in 'Trading' started by nikke, Jan 24, 2009.

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    I was really impressed with the first AHG thread and wish only I had discovered it at the time when it was still active. First when I studied AHG 2-3 months ago I was really struggling with the method since I had been mostly intraday swing-trading and eventually I got so confused mixing strategies I had to take a break from it. But now I think its slowly starting to make sense to me.

    One thing I still have enormous problems with, is deciding when the temporary pullback is finished.

    I have in the attached picture indicated my entry from yesterday spx which got stopped out. The times in the picture are European CET.

    I have now started to wait for the pullbacks to form sort-of a platform and then I enter with a stop-order when the platform/resistance is broken.

    Can someone who is more familiar with the AHG method help me with advice how to avoid these false entries?
    Or is it just that sometime they are taken but as long as the losses are minimized it doesnt matter?
    Or is it the shorter TL break that should have given indication?

    Grateful for any help!
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    I wouldn't have entered the first trade. The main trend is up (big picture, you have drawn the lower trendline correctly) but you have got already a lower low in the minor direction (breaking through the minor trendline). So there's no reason for a long!
    2nd trade is ok but I would have waited till 820 turned support (entering after 17:00)...
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    ah yes, thats true thank you. I very often confuse the small lows with noise so I have therefore tried to focus more on the bigger picture but maybe thats just something that comes with more experience.
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  5. IMO that first trade was flawed. You went long after what i would consider selling momentum (those big 3 red candles) then the move consolidated only to keep going down (typical). you should have actually gone short at that consolidation pattern and momentum should have given you your direction. As well, it didnt make a higher low and that should have made you suspicious about going long.

    Oh, also i noticed your first TL, another practice would have been to play the patient trader and wait for the market to get down to that original TL. Then wait for some sort of bar setup before entering.

  6. 2nd entry was good, you could also enter earlier on the mini W on that pullback and the right leg of the W, is a strong looking candle.


    The AHG guys have a website for noobs, google AHG traders.

    Also the new guys have a chat on IRC channel AHG1.
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    Thank you all for your valuable help!