AHG method = complete bS price action

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  1. Espically on the S&P500 + intraday would never work.
    Might work on the long term, but NEVEr on the S&P500 + INTRADAY.

    Anybody who trades price action successfully and profitable, not some delayed annoted charts , never a real time trade.

    Great in theory, bullshit in application!
    Anybody who trades price action successfully will say the same thing.

    You will NEVER see a real time trade post from ANEK. cause its a 100% scam
  2. I agree about after the fact price action charts.


    No body understands this, just like no body understands that you cannot take a signal from an indicator until the first bar AFTER the signal is given. If people understood that, every indicator sales company would be out of business because people would realize the bullshit in their chart screenshots.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't AHG based upon pattern trading? I mean I see alot of DT/DB patterns, Vics 2B and alot of other patterns found in Suri's book. Now I'm not saying that I'm an AHG follower, but these patterns can be traded profitably. As I said in a previous thread, even if this guy Anek is not a legit trader, he is preaching nothing new but merely trading patterns that repeat themselves. Perhaps it is better suited to a longer time frame, now I'm not taking sides either way, but how about some examples of how AHG does not work on the ES intraday.
    Let's see if we can legitimately build a case for or against AHG
  4. what's a vic 2b and who is suri?
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    guys, listen you have to give it time and practice. i mean, if you read it and then hope you can successfully trade in 1 week you r only cheating yourself.

    Give it couple of months atleast. it will work for you too.

    ok, so even if the risk reward is 1:1, if you can read price, or sharpen those skills, you will still come out ahead.

    What is AHG? just price being read based on patterns and signs of strength and weakness.

    Here is a clue, don't use time based charts, volume based r best because you can also judge by the speed at which the bars print about whether the move is going to have momentum, and that is only experience.

    Indicators r BS, if you look at a screen with them after the fact it will look perfect. But your entries and exit will not be as good. Try it, you will see.

    a lot is money management also. you have to be prepared to take a series of losers, if it hurts your balls, then go lower in size, pretty common sense. you also need to have faith in yourself and not over analyze a trade and take it when you see strength/weakness at the appropriate times.

    also, you cant chase, cause then that just means you r widening your stop and the risk reward might not be there then.

    last point, why would anek just do it if it didnt work, as far as i know, he has never asked anyone for any money? he pretty much makes in one day what he would collect as fees in a whole year.

    seriously guys, dont use time based charts. those bars do not give the best entries and exits. you might just want to keep it on the side for "big picture" ref.
  7. Dead wrong assumptions about everthing from trading to wiping one's nose are axiomatic on ET. It gets old.
  8. 1:1 will not get you anywhere.

    The current welcome message (meaning what all members see when they login to the channel) at #ahg:

    Effective immediately any member that is below Level 3 is REQUIRED to use the following targets on THREE contracts, Target 1 = 4.5x stop, Target 2 = 9.0x stop, Target 3 = 13.5x stop

    That's how you beat the game. Small stops, large targets and by entering at important areas using price action to guide you.
  9. I have no idea how I'm supposed to do this.

    I see Anek's PA L1 strategy, and I think I can do that...but...wow. 13 X 3pt stop is 39pts. That's the entire range on most days lately, but today? How?
    Sorry, that's just a bit daunting for a NOOB like me.
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    The fact remains that this method has a high discretionary element to it, so at the end of the day each of us has to evaluate it for ourselves and make our own decisions. I personally believe that the information contained within some of these AHG threads is very valuable, others may feel different. This guy is not even charging for whatever it is he is providing, so why does every care so much? I
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