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  1. and sample trade using DOM , T&S and 2 min YM context

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    Mr. Black

    Thanks again for your contribution. I would love to hear how you use your setups to actually trade. Ie. Let's say a formation is setting up (ie lh/ll/hh/hl, triangle) how do you use the T/S to help you trade? Maybe if a rush a buys comes in at above ask and the price shoots up you take it as a buy signal. And vice versa. How do you use the T/S to tell you when momentum is drying up? Any advice is welcome. Feel free to recommend any books on the subject if you like as well.


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  3. It is not so easy for explanation....you need to connect the current context with what is going on Now and the near future...to see how the price is going up and down inside the context needs some practice... in real time DOM acts 1'st T&S 2nd and this is your confirmation

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    Thanks for your answer. I guess I have to learn by experience.

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