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    Hi all,

    I found the following questions while going through the AHG thread. I'd love to get anyone's input who knows the answers below.



    Trading the DOM using 20 quick warm up questions.

    1. How many levels of orders show on the DOM? _____ For indexes, does the Premium show drift on the DOM? ______ Explain _________

    2. At any given time, what is the name of where a trade takes place? _____

    3. A pair is involved at where the market is trading. The names of each part of this pair are ______ and______ Is there any limit on the difference between these values? ____

    4. Do both these parts of the pair ever complete a trade? _____

    5. For a trade, are both players showing on the DOM before the trade? _____

    6. Are both of these players showing at the time of the trade? _____

    7. Values change on the DOM all the time. Whose numbers are showing? ______

    8. When does a stop loss order show on the DOM? ______

    9. What causes the numbers on the DOM to change the most? _____ and ______

    10. The T&S is related to the DOM. What are the names on the DOM’s list of names that the T&S affects? _____ and _____

    11. Where did al the different names of the position values on the DOM come from originally? _____

    12. In terms of time durations, which is more common? A. one pair trading B two pair trading C more than 2 pair trading.

    13. In price cycling, how many pair combinations commonly make up the patterns? ___

    14. Games are played by traders and they appear on the DOM. They are: ______ , _____ , ________ and _________

    15. The common characteristics of all the games include: ________ and ________

    16. One tell predominates as an indicator of the direction of the market. It is: _________

    17. Another tell predominates as an indicator of the very short term limit of price excursion; it is: ________

    18. What is going on when neither of the tells in Q’s 16 and 17 are present? ________

    19. In cascading what kind of action is happening to the trader who is trading unit levels of contracts. ______

    20. In cascading, what is the sequence of levels of contracts that show account blow outs? _____ , ______ and ______

    21. Extra credit. What are the measures on the DOM of the importance of news? Before the news? ___________ During the news? _______ Marking the end of the news? _____
  2. the dom:D

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  3. Cascading sample
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    Thanks Mr. Black!!!

  5. Thank you for your questions....:)
  6. In for discussion.

    DOM makes no sense to me and provides no edge after months of watching it.
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    If you would be so kind as to let us know what you were looking for while watching the DOM...
  8. Well I had been told by people here that you can "identify support and resistance" from looking at the DOM. That was mainly what i was looking for.

    However looking at it for the ES and NQ for a few weeks provided nothing. It was randomly changing numbers that changed too quickly to analyze. I didn't even notice any patterns, and I'm freaking OCD about pattern recognition.

    I'd also heard you can determine trend direction. But I saw nothing. Sometimes the number goes up, and sometimes it goes down. It seemed unaffected by the amount of bid and ask offers on each side of it.

    Also it seems that when I placed orders directly from the DOM, I got really awful fills. But when I did market orders from the chart, I got good fills. (using OEC)
  9. Try watching ES on ZenFire Dom. Your eyes will be crossed after 2 hours.
  10. My Dom and T&S filtered 50 cars +
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