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    this is a question for all AHG followers and for Anek himself.

    I trade equities. Ameritrade is just for charts, not execution, just to clarify.

    As you can see from the chart, stop is 1 cent below the low of the previous 3 bars.

    Question, in real time, it seems justifiable to get out rather than price action taking me out. on the first long, I made only 10 cents whereas i should have made 24 cents or so.

    I keep chickening out of trades. How do you guys enter. I am on page 273 of AHG. Is the good stuff coming?

    I keep thinking that my entry(which is at a retracement) is going to be the reversal.Suggestions?
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    what the hell, how do you attach the chart from paint?
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    here u go
  4. karsat


    First of all why are you trying to go long on a stock like AIG which is in downtrend?
  5. Jander


    Well it doesnt appear that the 10 minutes he held those trades that the stock was in a downtrend
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    yes ur right, it might be in a downtrend when you look at the weekly chart or wtv. but i am doing just intraday. why would i want to go short a stock like AIG when it's trending up intraday.

    anyway, if ur not an AHG follower, i guess the question is not for you.

    still waiting guys..
  7. Arnie


    Couple of ideas. Exit part like you did (.10+) and then put in a break even stop on the remainder. I don't care how long you've been trading, you can never tell where the move will end.

    I trade NQ mostly and when I get in a good move I just keep adjusting my stop to one or two ticks above/below the last bar. I let the p/a take me out.

    PS: I use constant volume bars.

    PSS. You were right to be long AIG. The trend for the time frame you were trading was "up".
  8. Second Arnie there - the timeframe you are looking at to trade AIG shows it is in a clear uptrend during the time you are viewing/trading.
  9. Jander


    I dont use the method but read thru the thread. I would just suggest using indexes if you can, would probably be smoother than individual stocks, especially if you are using that short of a timeframe.

    Also, someone mentioned constant volume bars. I dont recall time based bars ever being used, are you sure you read the thread?

    Your entries look really good, the exits will come over time. You will stop 'chickening out' when you realize cuttin your winners short is not the way to go...
  10. looking at the chart...PA would have taken you out once...and you would have made a second long trade and gotten out at market close....I sent you a PM btw....
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