AHG/Anekdoten's room?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Geoff36, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Geoff36


    I would like to set up a discussion on the topic. I haven't seen him here for a while. All I can say is that mofo was making big bucks and ET has taken a huge loss at his absence.

    We miss you Anekdoten.

    I also have the password to his room that he still posts in and teaches in. It of course, is only given to those who ware willing to pay it forward. he is not taking any new members at this time.

    This is what ET gets for ruining a good thing. Perhaps next time a generous trader comes along ET will have learned it's lesson.

  2. Although Im with you in the Puretick war there is something that does not add up about your post.

    If you knew the password to his room you would not ask where he is because he is always there.

  3. Sushi


    Susandt is his wife. Ask her. The guy learned all he know from alex waslsnski but blew out with 50 point stop loss and is know driving truck down south. Ask sussnadt
  4. A discussion? This will turn into a pissing fest at best. I've learned a lot from Anek and other AHG members but ET always has a way of turning a great thread into drivel.

    EDIT: See, Sushi's post.
  5. Not true, not his wife but I personally know them both.

  6. "I did not ask where he is. We do miss him on ET. I hope ET has learned it's lessons.

    Thanks for the PMs everyone."

    let's try this one out in Geoff's stead huh?
  7. "Thank you, although she told me Voyager is his wife? Voyager seems like a male though because he referenced his wife being sick in a post.

    i don't know, I am confused now. I miss that mofo's discussions here on ET though.

    I am thinking we should get together and ask him to return."


    What a clusterfuck thread.

    This is fucking laughable.
  8. Sushi


    Ok. I sorry for misstake. Did he really learn from alex?
  9. Sushi


    Profligic learned all he know from amekdoten too. All knowledge go back to puretick. Obvios!

  10. Hmmmm? Some trying to make a few extra bucks from selling passwords?

    Or is Anek really not giving out free info after all?
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