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  1. In a rare moment of candor, politicians discuss their penis size:


    :D :D :D
  2. exaggerated claims, just like the WMDs...:D
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    Hmmm, I always suspected something strange about Condi.... :D
  4. the lady in blue whose size she is talking about?
  5. rumsfeld. they are both indicating the same size...

    man, they'd have some fugly looking kids, wouldn't they? :D like skeletons with big gaps in their teeth...
  6. :D :D :D

    throw em in jail! the whole bunch of thugs.:( I'd bet they'll start playing "my schwarz is bigger than your schwarz"
    Condi won't be last place:D

    charges :(

    Crimes against humanity

    Aggravated media manipulation

    Erosion, nullification of our republican party

    Fraudulent war, death of thousands innocent

    Reckless spending

    Hijacking office, endangering democracy

    hehe, a small sample from very long list
  7. I couldn't resist.....it just fits in this thread so well...it almost brings tears to my eyes...