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    Pirates choose wrong target - a French warship

    "In the darkness of the Indian Ocean, a bulky French refuelling vessel looked like easy pickings for two boatloads of Somali pirates as they drew alongside early yesterday. The brigands had started their usual pre-boarding drill, letting loose with Kalashnikov assault rifles, before they noticed the 40mm cannon and missiles on the deck above them...."


    I know it is not really funny, as these people are probably starving and are close to forced to crime, but I can't help but smile.
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    Take note, if it looks like this:

  3. The crew of the warship could have surrendered to the pirates. :cool:
  4. TGregg


    If the pirates hadn't turned tail and fled, they might be sitting on the bow of their own warship instead of warming up jail cells.

    As I posted in the Jokes thread, what's worse than accidently trying to pirate a warship? Being defeated by the French!

    :D :D :D