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    January 19, 2009 --

    COMELY "Squawk Box" co-anchor Becky Quick is ruffling some feathers.

    Quick, 36, who hosts the early-morning CNBC show with Carl Quintanilla and Joe Kernen, quietly married the show's executive producer, Matthew Quayle, a few months ago - which has drawn grumbles from co-workers regarding the ethical ramifications. "He is her direct superior, so it's a little weird," groans one insider. "She's definitely been getting preferential treatment since they got together."

    Quick - whose glossy hair and sparkling incisors prompted a 2006 New York Times story about her legions of online male admirers ("Her teeth are like pearls from the Orient," wrote one fan on a Web site) - was previously married to a computer programmer.

    Quayle, 38, who has been with CNBC for 16 years, was also married with two kids before he and Quick started dating. "He is a big Christian and would always talk about the church. And then he left his wife and babies for her. What a hypocrite," snips an insider.

    Reached for comment, a spokesperson for CNBC told Page Six, "All three anchors on 'Squawk Box' - Becky Quick, Joe Kernen and Carl Quintanilla - have married CNBC producers. Love is in the air when you're first in business worldwide."

    It's not the only buzz brewing at the cable channel. On Friday, CNBC on-air editor (and former Post reporter) Charles Gasparino got into a nasty squabble with Media/Technology Editor Dennis Kneale over whether or not Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit should stay with the financial giant. The financial blog Dealbreaker described it as "a shouting match only dogs can hear/understand."

    The two had previously butted heads after Gasparino, in a segment on ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, jokingly accused Kneale of having been a client of call girl Ashley Dupre.
  2. damn she is married, 10-1 odds the guy is a douche. She is cute but most of these chicks are over rated. Its like that keg party in high school where no women show up, so a 5 becomes a 9 after beer goggles.
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    LOL, Ah the good old days! More college than High School here, as it was too hard to get away with a keg party in High School.
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    Any nonsense news to divert people's attention from the real news.

    Rumour has it that she's just got a tattoo done.

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    I have had two office romances, and they both turned out to be two of the best gfs I have ever had. If you think about it, people that work really hard have a tendency to date people from work because they don't have time to meet anyone else, let alone that they often are kindred spirits and an attraction is easy.

    I am not trying to defend anybody, but imo people are being too harsh. I realize that it may open a can of worms in the eyes of other employees. I am just saying that imo it is extremely natural, and no mischief is intended on anybodies part.