Ah yes the holidays

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  1. Such a perfect time to make up lost ground, jam them futures, on 1/2 the regular volume, by this fourth of July weeks end we should have made up a good amount of Junes losses.

    So grill them burgers, eat that watermelon, and rest assured them index futures will float float up up up and away.
  2. Very true.
    Nothing like "sellers on vacation" and the market VACUUMING UP to much higher levels . . . with no pullbacks or dips. The shorts will get KILLED this week! You can count on that.
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    I dont know why longs are even worried. They should be grilling at this very moment not even paying attention to anything the markets are doing.

    Right now the markets are working for the longs, this holiday week while everyone is on their yacht and in their mansions in the hamptons they need not to worry as the market is being helped out by plenty of money being placed on the trading desks of all those highly skilled traders who will put money to work to keep the markets propped up until they return on the 9th of July. So buy whatever you like and come back on the 9th of July with an even great return on your original investment.
  4. Weeee looking like the party keeps rolling on wheeee gap gap gap up up up and away.
  5. fucking everytime i short the future at night they always gap,s up
    Since i work full time now i try to short the futures at night to gain 1 ot 2 point in the ES but at night it just keep,s going up and up and up i end of loosing my sleep and my $$$
    I Hope it gaps down 20 point :(
  6. Ks , i know the feeling , had my a$$ handed to me so many times by this bull mrkt jake
  7. Thats why I stay long and strong. No need to over complicate things by shorting mini futures contracts and losing money.
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    great call, looks like another gap up at the open, I guess were going up due to the fact that BX just paid a very heavy premium for Hilton yesterday.

    Dow should be up another 50+ tomorrow, Fridays job report could easily push the DOW near 13800+. Dow could easily be at 14k next week, no problem at all. Im already long some DDM so there should be no need to worry at all.
  9. Just sit tight, shes coming back, volume is thin.
  10. You said that the other weeks when the market went down too. :confused: :D
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