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  1. Saddam's aide says dictator was 'heavily into drugs'

    A former senior aide of Saddam Hussein claims the dictator was probably high on drugs when he decided to invade Kuwait in 1990.

    Issam Rashid Walid, Iraq's ex-Chief of Protocol, says Saddam frequently used drugs such as cannabis and heroin.

    Walid, who is now based in London, is releasing a book titled In Saddam's Shadow, which is due to be released in French.

    He said: "Saddam was heavily into drugs. He began in 1959, with cannabis, and then when he seized power (in 1979), he used heroin at times.

    "He decided to invade Kuwait because he was probably not in his normal state. He was on drugs and drugs made him lose his mind."

    Walid has also claimed, in an interview with Europe 1 radio, that Saddam amassed a fortune of about £25 billion through various companies he set up, including many in the Brazilian car industry.

    Walid, who lives in London, also recounted that Saddam ordered that one of his adversaries be devoured by a doberman pinscher.

    US troops captured Saddam on December 13 as he was hiding in a hole in a farm near his hometown of Tikrit in northern Iraq.

    The US administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, said last month Saddam would be tried in a special court being set up by the US-appointed Governing Council in Iraq.

    Story filed: 13:00 Thursday 12th February 2004
  2. When was the last time you wanted to invade something while high on opiates or cannibas?

    Surely he was on crack at that time.
  3. the nearest Taco Bell was in Kuwait?