Ah Oh. Indian Delegates Want To Pow Wow With Elizabeth Warren

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    Elizabeth Warren can’t escape her Cherokee heritage controversy even at this gathering of loyal Democrats, as a contingent of skeptical American Indian delegates — including the great-grandson of Geronimo — are inviting Warren to a meeting tomorrow to explain her ancestry claims.

    “I think she owes us that, she owes the Native American community here at least that,” said Stephen Lewis, a member of the Gila River Indian community. “That would go a long way in dispelling that question.”

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    Maybe they'll rip her open from stem to stern with a dull deer antler then burn the lying bitch at the stake.
  3. pspr


    Do they still do that?

    I was thinking more like burying her up to her neck in the ground next to a big ass ant colony and get them all stirred up. Fire ants would probably do a good job on her head since we don't have bullet ants here.
  4. She only lied "this much".


    and my fav, sh*tting bull
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