AGS top today

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by YMsystemtrader, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. selling started pre fed.. always a good sign. get short the beans and corn now imo!
  2. xiaodre


    why would you short beans and corn now, before the FOMC announcement? Isn't it, if they cut 50, the dollar goes down, and the price of beans and corn go up? Which is why in anticipation of the 50 cut, corn is up up up?

    I'm just wondering about the rationale...I have never traded any agricultural commodities, and don't know much about them.
  3. .25 cut = let down.. dollar has bottomed. look at the trading in the currencies.

    that plus the chart of each = short
  4. agreed looking pretty toppy in the short term wouldnt you say?
  5. gimme a limit down day tomorrow pls
  6. are you short? i have gotway to many naked calls that i sold that are getting huge, im very nervous
  7. im short wheat corn beans across the board futures .. not too large.

    i think you have to stick with these to the end of the year, funds will lock in gains here soon.

    wheat is absolutely ridiculous.

    soybeans will get killed when china stops its eoy hoarding and dont buy anything for months.

    corn is plain stupid as ethanol, food inflation headlines will kill this.
  8. finally a wheat bear!!! you and i are the only ones!! Wait till argentina starts exporting, im telling you all. a 2.00 run up since thanksgiving? there is gonna be a wicked correction here soon, fight the good fight man!