Ags limit down. CBOT? Unavailable...

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by stupididiot, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. So CBOT shuts down all day. The same day, mind you, agriculture futures are limit down. So which came first - traders saw problems at CBOT and it triggered a sell off or massive selling busts up the CBOT system?

    Or is there something nefarious going on? I smell some Boogey Man behind all this...

  2. in my case, today was day 5 of system trading nymex copper which i just added to my lineup. i'd been taking small but consistent drawdowns initially (which is normal), and had finally gotten the screaming breakout i'd been stalking for a week. the outage started after copper was well into blasting off today, and the daily chart demonstrates just how convenient the outage was for my counterparty. it was in the process of breaking significant resistance when multiple exchange and broker connections went down ... due to a backbone issue apparently

    in the past, outages have almost always happened during a confluence of edge across systems. i had a high edge energy short that was also gaining ground in the other direction when things went down

    frustrating doesn't describe it adequately lol. they always seem to happen precisely when i've got my markets cornered well and am gaining some longer term advantage