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    Would there be any charting performance gain by upgrading to an agp video card? I use a matrox g200 mms right now. Recent reading has got me thinking about it since some say agp is so much better for graphics than pci. Charting would seem to be graphics intensive so it stands to reason there should be some advantage.
    Next question would be what should i look for in an agp card? My motherboard says it supports 8x agp card.
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  3. Charting stocks is not at all "graphics intensive". There would be zero noticeable difference if you switched to an AGP card.

    Playing a high-powered game is another matter.
  4. short answer, no.
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    that is a good card. Unless you want to spend in the 200 range, I would not upgrade. Maybe in a year or two when the ATI 9800 XT 256Mb is going for around $100 then it might make sense.

  6. Graphic instensive would be first shooter game like Quake III, etc.

    Charting isnt even on the performance radar for graphics cards.


  7. u dont need agp