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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Arnie, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Arnie


    I have a ATI Radeon 9600 AGP card and want to add another so I can have up to 4 monitors (2 now). Could not find a ATI PCI card and everyone tells me I should stick with ATI to avoid conflicts. Any ideas for best way to set up for 4 monitors.
  2. i use an ati 9600 pro card with an ati 7500 pci card and run 4 monitors with no issues...

    you can pick up one on ebay for under 50.00...

    video cards either work or they don't...if you can get a non doa from the seller, which is pretty standard you are good to go...

    i use all ati and run 7 monitors on two machines and have never had an issue...good luck

    you are looking for an ati 7500 pci graphics is still a current item in their lineup
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    I used ATI up until yesterday (one 8500 AGP and two 7500 PCI).Yesteday I installed an Nvidea NVS 280 PCI and AGP to run 4 monitors.

    After three years, the fans on the ATI's were getting extremely noisy and intolerable.

    The NVS units are passively cooled so no noise.
  4. hey i hear kowboy has a great deal on some ati 7500 cards...:D
  5. Prolly CHEAP, too [but noisy] :D
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    Trust me. They would only be good for parts or backup at this point IMO. In fact I unhooked their cooling fans on the boards last week.

    The noise was so distracting it was affecting my concentration.:(
  7. Was it possible to replace the fan, and could you get parts?
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    ATI will not sell just the fan. A search of the internet trying to match up the fans was only partially successful bc the replacement fans do not have the proper connector and I had to spend a lot of time soldering to the old connector. Not worth the time.
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    If you look at the connector, it has one DVI and one VGA. So aparrently one card can run one monitor in digital and another one in analog.

    You will not get two digital outputs per card. Which may not be a problem at all for most users. If you want to use that model card for all digital output for two monitors, you would need two cards.

    Also did you notice the absence of a fan?
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