Agora Publishing Group, Opinions?

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  1. I receive a few free email news letters from members of Agora Publishing Group. The newsletters are The Daily Reckoning, Whiskey and Gunpowder, and Investment U among others. I have also read a couple books by them, Empire of Debt and Financial Reckoning Day. I've read that Agora Publishing Group is one of the biggest financial news letter publishers out there.

    What caught my attention is; sprinkled within these free news letters are advertisements for expensive "tout services" with insane track records. Often there are statements like they will double your money in a couple months, turn $5,000 into a million dollars in a year, or they have a special advisor that has a 14 out of 15 track record, they have some special investment that no one has heard of and will make you rich, among many other things.

    These claims do not pass my smell test for many obvious reasons. So has any one here shelled out money for one of these Agora Publishing services? If you have or have heard of some one who has I'd like to here your opinions?
  2. Agora publishing is run by Bill Bonner, who is a specialist in direct marketing. Much of what they publish is close to conspiracy theory stuff. Agora gets a cut (one way or the other) of all the stuff they "reccommend".

    I can't say their stuff is all bad, but the investment stuff they tout is a joke.
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  4. Some examples from Agora Publishing.
    1."His Readers Had a Chance to Turn $5,000 Into $1 Million...
    and You Can Too!

    This options Guru gave his readers a chance to turn $5,000
    into $1 Million in just over 5 years... And it's no wonder,
    considering his 100% success rate in 2005 and 95% in 2004.

    Learn how YOU can follow in their footsteps with his simple
    and straightforward system"

    2."During these 3 Shocking Events of 2006...
    Join The World's Most Elite Investors

    This year millions of average American investors will be
    wiped out... but not this elite circle of potential

    Introducing TWO very simple investments that will protect
    you, creating a fortress of "wealth insurance" around your
    portfolio... "

    Become part of the world's most intelligent and elite
    investment circle today!"

    3."The Viking War on Obesity Could Bring You 5,000% Profits or More

    A group of Scandinavian scientists is using the world's largest "genetic map" to pinpoint cures for mankind's deadliest ailments.

    Obesity, heart disease and stroke could be wiped off the planet with absolutely no side effects. This company's pioneering treatment may well become the industry standard.

    The U.S. government, major financial institutions and Big Pharma are lining up to partner or invest in this technology. Find out how you can, too…"

    4."the Chance to Double You Money With the "Insider's Mutual Fund" -- Guaranteed!

    The SEC has locked you out of a chance for the market's biggest gains. But I've found a "loophole" -- a perfectly legal way to join the insiders! They've already put a small fortune into this little-known investment... but you still have a chance to get in for around $2 a share. And if you can't at least DOUBLE your money with it -- I'll give you your money back. Take a look now -- while this investment is still cheap!"