Agnostic or at least atheist traders.

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  1. I'm curious about how the intelligent people of this site think. I'm an agnostic and my philosophical ideas are consistent with various parts of post-modern philosophies. My morals are based on my aesthetic opinions which are highly articulated. Though my way of thinking is thought of as unique in comparison to the majority of people, it still is enslaved with the demands of society, culture and the limitations of thought. I've objectively reconsidered my life with the assistance of the thoughts of great thinkers, living and deceased. Ie, I've replaced heaven with successes such as artistic success, fame, financial power, and. A parallel ethics system.

    I've decided that the most honorable idea is that thoughts are primitive, and that there are forms of experience we are incapable of having. I want to describe the ineffable, and somehow have an experience beyond thought. Surely there is something beyond thought. Surely there is a far more complex mode of experience.
  2. Yes, and when you get laid by a hot chick after working on it for 3 weeks after you resign yourself to not getting laid with her, it all works itself out into a vast landscape of amazingness. Now this is true accomplishment.
  3. You spend three weeks to have sex. You wait three weeks to be able to put your penis in the vagina of a girl who you find to be visually or otherwise sexually pleasurable.

    If only I could resign myself to share with you the idea of sex being amazing. Not that I dislike genital rubbing, I feel its quite below me and not becoming of ideas of greatness.

    Battles have been fought around genitalia possessions. Battles have been fought for reasons forgotten mid-battle. I need more than sex and death. I need more than organic and inorganic chemistry.

    I'm utterly dissatisfied with everyone. I have dedicated myself to the possibility of transcendence. My chance of success is determined by the amount of life allotted to me.

    Though what greatness is is my opinion, and nothing not even 1+1=2 is beyond opinion because no one can calculate everything. My opinion is articulated, and full of imaginary meaning, and determines how I live. I cannot escape my opinions, and so must indulge.

    But for fuckings is a poor reason to live or die.
  4. seek help immediately, rowenwood. you are seriously mentally ill and need intervention. your posts are exhibit delusions of grandeur as well as an assortment of classic indications of a severe mental sickness. i am not joking.

  5. jack rabid, if you live your life according to a fairy tale, you could use some help, too.
  6. Are you married? Do you have a family? Girlfriend?
  7. No one I know thinks like me, except for my last girlfriend who left me because I'm too intense. I'm not suffering from delusion; it seems that person accusing me of delusion deduced incorrectly.
    There is the possibility that I won't create anything outstanding, but my achievments thus far indiacte that either I've already created innovative ideas, or that I'm capable of innvoaton, and so that I will.

    I've a family that is very supportive of my ambitions. I'm not reclusive because I'm ugly or mentally ill, I don't make friends becuase it's a waste of time. I'm unlikely to meet a person worth communicating with. Though I hope that once I begin a four year school I will find people that share my interests and ideas about life.

    Throughout my life I've met only two people that I consider similar to myself. I know that many exist but these many are still a tiny portion of the expanse of bodies that rule. Some of these many are famous, and the ones that aren't famous are semi-reclusive like me.
  8. Can you name these famous people who thinks like you?
  9. Chris Burden
    Jean Baudrillard
    J. Derrida
    Jeff Koons
    Ger van Elk
    Olafur Eliason
    Mathew Barney
    Paul McCarthey
    Konrad Lorenz
  10. Sex is mainly psychological. If you have sex with a chick who gives it up on the first night, then usually it is regular sex at best.

    Now, working on a girl for some time period and having to work at the challenge brings more "taste" to the "fruit" you pick at the end.

    You remind me a bit of the guy holding the camcorder in "American Beauty." You are recording and experiencing everything as if you were living a life in the third person. Life is filled with pain, pleasure, defeat, success, tears, laughter, etc, because those things help us learn more about ourselves and more about what it means to be human.

    If you want to be a philosopher about life, then by all means be one. However, you sound as if you have disassociated yourself from experience and have taken an "overhead looking down" view of your life while you are living it.
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