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    HI guys, has anyone been looking at atherogenics(AGIX). this stock fell to .30 from $10-11. then from $1.3 it has double in value in the past few days. It's beggining to trend upward.

    Also, they have a big presentation about its testing results or something in Europe on Sept. 5, 2007. This could be one of the day it gaps up big. I bought 17,500 shares at $2.52.

    What do you guys think about AGIX? All of my other buddies are also in on it. So total we are in 490,000-500,000 shares @ roughly $2.5. One of my buddies is alone 175,000 shares in. Others are almost same as me.

    I traded this one the previous day buying 2000 @ 1.49 and sold at 2.35. In my view it's trending up now. But Im not always right, so let's see.

    Yall's opinion?
  2. Just be careful with these pump and dump small biotech's. Took me some hard losses on these speculative small bio's not to mess with them too much anymore.

    I have tracked AGIX in fact over the past week and am impressed that it continues to climb. It has more than doubled. IMHO, the ride is over and if you have made money, start taking out some profits before they quickly dissapear.

    Then again, I could be wrong and she goes well over 3 again before it retraces. I figured after the news it would go back down but has milked out 2 more days of nice gains after the news went public.

    With the action you have on it, be careful!
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    can you elaborate? (forgive me i'm a little naive and drunk....)
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    yeah it looks good for a run. i too bought up a 3000 shares @ 2.50 or so. Looks pretty decent. One of those speculative ones.

    hopefully wednesday morning when i wake up it has gapped up.
  6. short covering
  7. Yes. but you'll be sober in the morning.
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    look you bastards. the stock's shootin up.
  9. Overstock just hit another annual high. Arguably, not the cash generating juggernaut GE is, so why?

    Because there is a liquidity crisis, and the holders of the purse strings are cutting exposure, and that means, buy ins on failure to delivers.
  10. great short right now above $3. Cover in 2.75 range.
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