Aggressive people are better traders !!!

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  1. Is it true that assholes are better traders, than the softies ???

    Yes, the assholes (including me) taking everything in trading personal and wait for revenge on the markets ???

    Whats with the softies, beeing cool doesnt help you in the markets.

    Is that why only 5% or whas it 1% of market participants are constant winners, and the rest are loosers, because they have no balls ???
  2. immoral people make good bankers and traders

  3. ------------

    so 95% of market participants are moral ?
  4. I'm actually a total asshole by nature, but I come off as "California Cool" to most. If I had to trade on the floor, I would get killed. Electronically is a different story.
  5. If you attempt to take revenge on the markets the markets will rip you a new asshole :eek:

    Market will reward you big time over the long run if you are humble and take all your losses nicely.

  6. Although there may or may not be correlation, I am convinced it is different factors that make profitable traders. Correlation does not imply causation.

    I believe aggressiveness can help a person be confident... problem is over-aggressiveness may get a person into serious troubles.
  7. Be aggressive in reducing risk, not aggressive in increasing risk or revenge trading.

    If you are in substantial profit and you want to pyramid and still be able to trail the stop profitably then that would be a responsible way to be aggressive.
  8. I could see this.

    Manic depressives make good traders AND nice people. :D
  9. for swing trading you need brain and patience. Trades in duration 1m - years.

    it is enjoyable for me and does not impact quality of life unlike short term strategies.

    However, screwing some poor souls when you see they are in trouble, like education funds, is reserved for lowlife on this planet.

    You can make it without getting there.
  10. Not all lowlifes succeed, but those who do end up living in style.
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