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  1. The best traders turn aggressive when things are clearly going their way. As Soros said, 'It takes courage to be a pig.'

    I've found this short video a great spur to be aggressive when the opportunity calls for it.

    *For those of you who don't know, Dan Gable is the greatest HS/collegiate/Olympic wrester & coach the world has ever seen:
  2. Tom Brands wrestled under Dan Gable, and is now head wrestling coach at U. of Iowa. This match for national championships shows Brands' displaying a total adoption of Gable's straight-ahead, aggressive style. What is so awesome about this match is that Brands' almost lost it all right at the beginning - getting off one's back like that is absolutely exhausting. But towards the end of the match he throwing his opponent around like a Raggedy-Anne doll:

    **For those of you completely oblivious to the sport of collegiate wrestling, thanks for the indulgence!
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    Yeah, In August I had a straddle on, closed it just as the turmoil hit. This time I am riding it right to the finish.