Agenda 21 God help us!!!!!!!

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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Hard to believe? No problem. Just go to the UN website and type agenda 21 in, and get ready to REALLY not sleep very well.

    Is there ANY wonder why oNAZI and his gestapo want to disarm America? If you think it's to "prevent" (impossible!) another sandy hook, you've got shit between your ears!!!!!!
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    Can't believe I'm just finding out about this.:(
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    No one interested in what's coming our way?:confused:
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    They're too busy texting on their Obama phones and using their EBT cards.
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    And what happens to sheep? The thinking white male REALLY is the minority these days. So sad...:( :eek: :(
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    Exactly how the democraps want it.
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    Yep, an endangered species we sure as hell are!:mad:
  8. No, you're wrong, Sir...

    it is precisely a white males (and females) who deeply WANT , DESIRE such regulations.

    I don't know if you've noticed, but the less melanated a man is... the more he craves everything which harms him.
    Strange form of masochism, sorry its just basic biology at work.

    Take all these famous addictions for example. Sugar cravings, obsession with alcohol, narcotic drugs, cigarettes, pharma pills, antibiotics, vaccines...
    Not only white people enjoy being beaten down with them, they LOVE TO PAY for such pleasure. pharma Cancer treatments? Its pure killing of your own body. Guess what? Patients love to take huge debts and pay for it. It would be cheaper to fly to Fukushima for the same treatment.

    Take muslims or chinese. These folks are highly intelligent and much more pigmented. They really know what a human should eat /heal to be healthy. Living in western societies? Oops, you gotta do baaaad things to your body or else this society won't like you and treat you like a freak.
  9. Well you just killed this rendition of white men whining.:D

    But it did make for the joke of the day before you did.:)
  10. You know what Mohamed Ali says: Bluebirds mate with bluebirds and eagles mate with eagles. Were all living with a bunch of hybrids.
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