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  1. Healthy Returns Magazine is proud to feature this month- the stoned investor.
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    HR: In a word " how do you do it? "
    SI: I'm not sure. People are given talents by the great swahimi, I believe that is his name. The one time I met him in a dream he introduced himself so fast and then he was off... well he gives us all special talents and mine has always been to pick stocks.
    HR: Is it you picking them that make them suddenly explode or something you know?
    SI: How would I make the stocks move? I am but an ant on the elephants back. It's just a combination of a lot of things. Lots of reading and research, an ear to trends and some willingness to always do what others don't want to. Some Chart reading, momentum & volume analysis, money flow, insider activity... the usual stuff...
    HR: you make it sound so easy.
    SI: Well if I can knock the cover off the ball in this tiny corner of the apt, in my underwear, stoned out of my mind, think of what can be done in the market...
    HR: How do you feel about the market now?
    SI: I am thinking big out of the gate in 08-up 10% and then give it all back first half of the year, then a 20% exhaustive run and then the official end of the bull market. We finish the year slightly negative with a 22% drop!
    HR: Wow
    SI: Welcome to stonedinvesting
    HR: What will trigger the end of the bull market?
    SI: Higher taxes. Lower employment.
    HR: When will you be giving out your picks for 2008?
    SI: I know. I know. The pressure is on, I've had so many requests... the truth is I don't have a list as of yet. AMSC. Is going to be on it, I can tell you that. Probably EJ. I like MLNM a lot, it's tough sledding I need about eight more.
    HR: Will you make your Elite Trader deadline of Jan 3rd-7th?
    SI: I sincerely hope so.
    HR: Is there anything else we should say before you disappear for a few days of debauchery?
    SI: Happy New Year To All My Peeps on ET!

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  2. This was an entertaining and enlightening read
    My compliments and thank you!

    btw - your thoughts on MLNM as a candidate for and H/S Top?
  3. i agree with AMSC by the way. much higher to go.
  4. gl man. Your picks and opinions are always welcome.