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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bbb2, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. bbb2


    Some times ago i tried to register with IB and i found out that the minimum age to open an account is 21. Im 18, so what should i do now? Is there a place where the min is 18 or should i just lye about my age?

    Thank You
  2. Don't lie about your age. What do you plan on trading; stocks or futures?

  3. I'm 18, I entered 21 on my form and sent a copy of my passport - the firm then emailed me to get a confirmation on my real age, I told them its 18. Apparantly thats OK if you live in the Netherlands. I'd say rest of Europe, too. US I dunno ..

    Otherwize, let your folks open an account in their name, then YOu trade it :)

  4. c_verm


    I opend my first trading account when I was 18 with Etrade. That was the only firm that would let me at the time? Not sure of any other ones since I dont have that problem now. :D
  5. If you're trading stocks, you can open an account with Ameritrade, FreeTrader, E-Trade or the like without any problems. Otherwise, open it in your parent's name and trade the account.

  6. There has been some good answers here for you. Another would be to get incorporated (shouldn't be more than a couple hundred bucks) and trade on behalf of the corporation. I recommend a Nevada corporation. If you want more infor pm me. ciao.
  7. ig0r


    Yes, I trade IB and freetrade accounts under my dad's name, the taxes are all filed under him, I'm 16 btw