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  1. ROFL

    For your own sake, I sincerely hope that post was in jest, lest we end up doing a study of our comparative net worth via email or something equally ridiculous.
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  2. I agree that me must accept premises in order to move on with our lives and to continue our searches for knowledge as best we can. And these things were addressed in what I had said previously. :)

    PS yes, I minored in philosophy (wish I would've majored in it).
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  3. You never know.
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  4. Johannes Jacobus van der Leeuw(1893-1943) the meaning of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.
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  5. nitro


    Well, that's certainly the way the right side of my brain feels about it. But if you ask my left side, it wants to "solve it."

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  6. You can EXPERIENCE life AND try to SOLVE the meaning of it, whether or not you can make any head way.
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  7. Cool, me too (minored in philosophy, majored in english).

    I also agree w/ you that the correct way to view money is to equate possession of money w/freedom, the ability to do what we truly wish to do independent of pressing financial need. This is why I "pursue" money, but the level of intensity with which I pursue it decreases as the amount I have increases. I'm fortunate enough to define my freedom with simple terms that do not keep expanding w/ some pathological need to keep up with the Joneses.

    p.s. you didn't actually miss the boat- keep your eyes open and you will find another boat ready to sail, just not the one you were originally putting your chips on.
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  8. Darkhorse,
    Again I agree whole heartedly. People who must keep up with the neighbors do not define their own happiness, and likely will never be happy. People should define their own happiness, independent of what others have.

    Happiness for me used to be in facing certain challenges and accomplishing some "higher" goals, but for now has been reduced to getting out of debt and having a little security. Thank you for the inspiring words. I hope that there is indeed another boat(s) getting ready to sail and that my eyes will be open to see it.
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    It seems that you agree wth Darkhorse that money can't buy happiness but your actions and words say otherwise... like your how deep in debt you are (must be from buying all those material things that Darkhorse says you don't need to be happy). Sooooo, you're now becoming a trader to pay off all the debt, accumulate a lot more money (to give most away, but still keep some to buy all the material things you want but don't really need). Starting to sound a little hypocritical to me.
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  10. Are you really so blind as to not see the distinction between seeing money as a neutral tool to get what you want versus a source of status or happiness within itself?
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